POST:Office Attendant / Driver
AGE LIMIT: Candidate should not have reached their 45th birthday by the closing date for the submission of applications.

a) Candidate should possess a Cambridge School Certificate or a General Certificate in Education “Ordinary Level” either (i) in five subject including English Language with at least Grade C in any two subjects or (ii) in six subjects including English Language with at least Grade C in any one subject.
b) Candidate should also have :
i. A minimum 2 years valid driving license to drive cars or private vans;
ii. Basic knowledge of mechanics and simple vehicles maintenance;
iii. A good eyesight;
iv. Possess good communication and interpersonal skills;
v. Ability to communicate in English and French;
vi. Possess qualities such as reliability and trustworthiness;
vii. Have the ability to work in team.
The office attendant/driver shall be responsible to open / close offices and perform messengerial duties. A copy of the duties and responsibilities attached to the post may be obtained on request at the office of Discovery Rodrigues Co. Ltd, Rue de la Solidarité, Port Mathurin.

POST: Manager
• Candidate should possess a Degree in Management/ Marketing/ Tourism/ Hospitality or any other related qualification acceptable to the Board.
• Candidate should be computer literate.
• Candidate should be dynamic, versatile and proactive, and have strong managerial and interpersonal skills.
• Candidate should possess a minimum of five years’ experience in a managerial position preferably in the field of tourism or marketing.

Candidates should produce written evidence of experience/knowledge claimed.

The Manager shall be responsible for the overall management of the company with reporting responsibility to the Board. A copy of the duties and responsibilities attached to the post may be obtained on request at the office of Discovery Rodrigues Co. Ltd, Rue de la Solidarité, Port Mathurin or by email to:-

• Negotiable based on qualifications and experience.
• 02 months gratuity on successful completion of each year of contract.
• End of year bonus.

Application with documentary evidence of qualifications should be addressed in writing or by email to:
The Chairman
Discovery Rodrigues Co. Ltd
Rue de la Solidarité
Port Mathurin
Email address:-

CLOSING DATE :Not later than 4.00 pm (local time) on 10 May 2019
29 April 2019

Rodrigues’ Culture

There are a few decades ago the people of Rodrigues found their entertainment in traditional music, the sound of sega drum and accordion in small balls on Saturday evenings. Cultural awakening which occurred at the end of the 1970s allowed the construction and consolidation of the cultural identity of Rodrigues through the development of these various elements, which form the base of the culture of every nation: food, music, crafts...

It should be noted the great influence of the Catholic religion in everyday and cultural life of the population. Religion, respect for tradition and family are the pillars of Rodrigues life. Today, it can be seen that the local music and traditional dances are quite used during shows in hotels and other cultural events. It is the same for the traditional dishes; and crafts which are found everywhere in the market. These dishes which were despised have now become a luxury in major tourist and cultural events. The Rodrigues' music is present on the stage of international cultural events. Rodrigues’ culture is an asset that must not only be developed and exploited, but which above all also needs to be preserve as it is the essence of the Rodriguan cultural identity.

Rodrigues' culture

At a glance

At the heart of the Indian Ocean, at latitude 19°43’ S and longitude 63°25’ E, Rodrigues Island stretches over a surface area of 108 km2. Some 650 km to the north-east of Mauritius, it is the part of Africa that is closest to Australia. Born from volcanic activity between 1.3 and 1.5 million years ago, the island – 18 km long, 8 km wide – is the smallest of the Mascarene archipelago. Rodrigues is a mountainous island with a succession of valleys plunging to the 300 km2 lagoon, bringing an exhilarating feeling of weightlessness whilst meandering through steep escarpments and terraced fields towards its 80-km coastline. One of the most characteristic features of this enthralling though accessible island is its relief. The efforts of the most adventurous culminate in the joys of basking in one of the numerous deserted inlets, all the while gazing at white-tailed tropicbirds gliding through the air to and from their nests in surrounding cliffs. The island enjoys a tropical climate with temperatures varying between 28 and 35°C during the Southern summer, which coincides with the cyclonic season (November to April) and between 18 and 27°C in winter.


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